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Tap Station | Social Media Marketing

Creative Director: Allen G. Fawell

Strategic Director & Project Manager: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Design Team: Jeny Gevorgyan & Nina Pijoyan 

Content Team: Sirarpi Ghasabyan, Katarina Khachatryan

IMG_2851 (1).JPG

Tap Station is an open-air seasonal cafe, which is a part of Republica Hotel in Armenia. 

Our challenge here was to show the locals that this is not just a hotel-based cafe for tourists, but a cozy corner where everyone can enjoy warm meetings with friends or take lunch or coffee break on a busy day.


Besides, hotel-based cafes are known for higher prices compared to other local places, thus, with the help of targeted SMM, Reezalt needed to erase this perception of “an expensive tourist-place” from people’s minds when thinking of Tap Station. 

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