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Dargett Brewpub | Social Media Marketing

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Strategic Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Creative Director: Allen Fawell

Design Team: Nina Pijoyan, Jeny Gevorgyan, Mike Gabby

SMM Team: Anush Petrosyan, Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Photography; Lush Hakobyan , Arpine Mamyan

Dargett Brewpub serves 21 hand made craft beers utilizing high-quality ingredients, the best traditions of brewing and the latest Italian technology. This local craft brewery gives visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the sub-culture of revolutionary beer and taste the best of traditional craft beer types like IPA, American Pale, Blond Ale, Lager and many more. 

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We were given the responsibility to update Dargett's social media pages with interesting & valuable content that could be utilized for brand awareness in the local market and increase sales. We also took initiative to completely digitize all bookings via social media, which turned out to be a huge success. 

Our team educates the audience on craft beer through facts and stories about each beer.

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