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Dargett Craft Beer | Advertising Campaign


Creative Director: Allen G. Fawell

Strategy Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Project Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Copywriters: Allen G. Fawell, Sirarpi Ghasabyan, Shushan Arshakyan, Katarina Ohanyan, Nina Pijoyan

Designer: Mher Gaboyan

Photography։ Lush Hakobian

DoP: Vardges Manukyan (Manukyan Team)

Cameraman: Vram Khanamiryan

Color & Editing: Yerevand Rumyan

Hair & Makeup: Anahit

Backstage: Nina Pijoyan, Lush Hakobian, Mher Gaboyan, Jeny Gevorgyan

According to a recent study, beer is the only alcoholic beverage out there that doesn’t sell well during the winter holiday season. What? As beer lovers and Dargett’s partner for creative projects we thought that this was total BS. Why don’t people drink beer during the holiday season? So we said, we want every person in Yerevan to know that it’s ok to have beer for New Year’s and also make it as accessible as possible!

The challenges were: 


  • Low sales during the holiday season

  • Beer is not perceived as a celebratory beer in Armenia and therefore isn’t bought for holiday celebrations

  • Dargett is expensive 

DCB-Supermarket scene - campaign tailore

We set out to create a campaign that would address these issues. We brainstormed, discussed, presented and fought for about 2 months before finalizing our brief. First of all, we made the beer more accessible in the scope of the campaign by introducing a 6-pack product at a less expensive price. More importantly the campaign entailed a video series of situations where different people ended up with Dargett beer to celebrate the holidays. Each scenario represents a different target market with different associations. From Dargett being a peer-shared alcoholic beverage for parties to the alcohol of choice for a romantic couple and from being something women crave at the bar to the alcoholic beverage for a family dinner.

We called the campaign «Ուրախությունը նշել է պետք», which translates to Joy shall be celebrated. The word for celebrated in Armenian also means to mark something and therefore we utilized this homonym to create a sense of depth in the campaign. We introduced a magical figure known as the elf that would follow each character in the series around town to mark the list of people who are now happy because of Dargett.  Eventually the elf ends up reporting back to Santa, who sarcastically calls the Dargett Brewery home.

DCB-campaign romantik_B.jpg

The strategy was to create as many pieces of content we could that would later be used as micro-content for a digital marketing strategy moving forward. The campaign was advertised mainly on Facebook and Instagram through multiple placements to reach the end consumer. The main message communicated in the ad is “Joy Shall Be Celebrated!”, meaning that happiness can be celebrated with Dargett Craft Beer. Here the objective of the Santa and the Elf was to check if all people in town have Dargett, so they can truly celebrate this magical holiday.


Most importantly, the beer sales actually climbed compared to the high season in part due to the lower price as well as because of the increased awareness from the campaign. The objective was to keep sales steady, but the campaign over delivered as beer sales grew during the holidays! 

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