Dargett Craft Beer | Advertising Campaign

Creative Director: Allen Fawell 
Strategy Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan
Art Director & Designer: Jeny Gevorgyan

After a lot of brainstorming we came up with the «Բարով Տեսանք» (Barov Tesanq, i.e To good things) campaign.

As a toast, “Barov Tesanq” translates to good things and to new beginnings. The expression is widely used in Armenian culture. 

Dargett Craft beer is Armenia's first craft brewery. The brewery challenged our creative agency to come up with a product introduction campaign for its new bottled beer. 

Let’s toast to a new, high-quality, beer. Armenia’s first bottled craft beer

Create awareness around the brand’s new product and create an association between the famous expression and Dargett.

Challenge yourself to toast with beer and be revolutionary in doing so


Change consumer behavior and introduce the idea of drinking beer during different gatherings and occasions

The campaign utilized both offline & online contests & giveaways as well as symbolic visuals executed in a pop art design style to shaken the advertising landscape in Armenia and engage the target markets as much as possible both digitally and in person. 



The advertising campaign was in concept stage and won the best "yet to be" advertising campaign during YOAF 2018.