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Ayb School's Annual Report  

Creative Director: Allen Fawell

Executive Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Lead Visual Artist: Anjelika Mashuryan

Photographer: Trdat Shiroyan

Other Photos Provided by: Storaket Architectural Studio & Ayb School

Ayb School's 2020-2021 annual report was trusted to our visual art team to create a conceptual, clean, on-brand and alluring report for an obscure year. The 2020-2021 academic year was a period of struggle and uncertainty.


It is during these times that our core values are tested and our passion proved. Adaptability, flexibility and transparency were the values that helped every individual at Ayb and Ayb as a movement stay true to its core, continue to grow, and remain a strong building block with an imperative role in growing a strong Armenia. Adaptability, flexibility, and transparency are at the heart of this minimalistic yet very "Ayb" report.

The use of static motion on the images and free-flow play with typographic font create the illusion of flexibility and adaptability, which is core to the concept. We also prioritized transparency in this report, given Ayb's transparent approach to its operations, education and to its funding.

Ayb Hashvetvutyun.jpg

This project was extra special for our team, since it showcases the power of what education can accomplish especially in the mid to long term. Reezalt's founders are two of the first Ayb graduates from 10 years ago and the symbolism in our agency creating a thought provoking and conceptually driven design for our founders' high school proves Ayb's mission in educating knowledgable leaders.

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