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Yerevan Marathon | Social Media Advertising Campaign


Creative Director: Allen Fawell 

Strategy Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan 

Copywriter: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Designer: Mher Gaboyan 
Photography: Yerevan Marathon

Have you seen the six-time Oscar-winning movie “Forrest Gump”? Of course you have! And you still remember little Jenny yelling “Run, Forrest, Run!” when Forrest tries to run away from local bullies. Now you know what inspired us to create this campaign for Yerevan Marathon Run! 


This SMM campaign was created to remind the Armenian runners about the upcoming Yerevan Marathon Run. It included 7 ads with the pictures of actual participants of the race from previous years. The ad copy, saying “Run, [the runner’s name], run!” in Armenian. 


Everyone who’d seen the film undoubtedly experienced a nostalgic moment right after noticing the pictures on Facebook. The impact of these nostalgic feelings can be measured in numbers:

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