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TE Code Dental Clinic | Social Media Advertising Campaign 

Creative Director: Allen Fawell 

Strategy Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan 

Photographer: Lush Hakobyan

Designers: Mher Gaboyan, Nina Pijoyan 


Dr.Tokhunts is a popular dentist with no need for introduction in Armenia, but his TECode brand needed to gain more awareness. Thus, he approached us with the request to  create a creative that would be advertised on social media to raise awareness about the brand.


After a month of heated discussions and brainstorming sessions we settled on the idea of tackling those that are too scared or lazy to get their teeth fixed. The ad copy “Asa Panir” in Armenian means “Say Cheese” in English. It is targeted to people who are too ashamed to smile because of dental issues and imperfections regarding their teeth. The main message is to have people with dental imperfections visit TECode and finally fix their teeth.

The campaign was executed digitally on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, TeCode’s Facebook Audience increased by 20% and the successful campaign eventually became a part of the clinic’s interior branding. Additional text explanations were used on the posters for the clinic’s branding to make the campaign even more relevant to people who were in the waiting room.

According to future planning, the campaign will also be presented on scrollers on the central streets of Yerevan. [UPDATE AVAILABLE SOON] 

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