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141 Studio | Branding


Creative Director: Sirarpi Ghasabyan

Brand Strategist: Allen G. Fawell 

Lead Designer & Artist: Nina Pijoyan

1-4-1 [one-for-one] studio is a creative architectural and interior design studio based in Yerevan and affiliated with Belgian HomeSync Group. The company approached us with the task to research and offer a solution for its brand concept, philosophy and visual identity. 

The naming process of 141 Studio was a total firework show on display with heated discussions and brainstorming sessions aimed towards integrating a number of concepts under one collective name. The main concepts are those of an individual approach and of a seamless customer journey and experience. 


The visual identity literally utilizes the three numbers in the name to create an all-encompassing logo. The logo also revitalizes the concept of getting projects finished seamlessly by utilizing a blank canvas on the left and a finished product on the right (emphasized by the door sketch of an architecture plan) to display that projects are completed flawlessly from start to finish.

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