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Every new company needs a unique name, logo, packaging design (for a product), visual identity design, tone of voice, a strong philosophy and many other features for self-identification, differentiation and effective communication. Branding for Reezalt means defining the company’s identity, giving it a meaning and creating an image that is distinct but allows room for the brand to grow.

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At Reezalt we believe that branding is the ultimate expression of associations and as a communications agency at our core, we set up each brand for success in creating the correct associations and perceptions in their customers’ minds. 



Branding done by Reezalt includes discovering the philosophy of the brand, imagining a whole story that will stick in people’s minds and create an emotional connection with the brand. We also showcase brand visualisation, so our clients can see how the logo, brand colors and other visual features will work in context. Moreover, a moodboard with all the visual assets is presented to the client with shapes, typography, patterns, texts and other visual objects, which will be used in brand communication. Acknowledging the audience and target market is key when deciding what exactly needs to be done and how the brand will be perceived later by its potential customers. 

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