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An Advertising Campaign is a collectively organised promotion of a product or service, which contains a series of similar advertisements with the same message or core idea to move people and change or create a brand perception or association. For Reezalt, the creation of an ad campaign is one of the most interesting and challenging parts of the working process. It starts with a discussion of the client’s ideas and intentions, so the team can realize the objective of the campaign and the result, which the company wishes to achieve with it. Next, we brainstorm together and outline all the good ideas discussed during the meeting. If the ad campaign is created by Reezalt, be sure that the core message will be catchy, a bit humorous or extremely urgent. 


Your company needs an advertising campaign if you want to put a repeated message in your potential customers’ minds, convince them that they actually need it and develop a specific perception of your brand. We usually offer the companies we work with to run an ad campaign if the product or service is newly introduced to the market, has just been rebranded or needs to increase its brand recognition in the market.



Ad Campaigns are usually executed in an integrated approach channeled through social media platforms, as well as OOH (out-of-home) printed media tools, such as billboards and other outdoor placements. 

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